Our Winter Concert

Across the Centuries – A Song Recital for Many Voices

Saturday, Feb 27 at 8:00 pm

Lindsey Chapel at Emmanuel Church

This concert of choral songs is like an anthology of poems, gathered together from many ages to form one volume. The poems these songs set bear relevance in all times without regard to fashions or trends. Reverence for music; the ever-abiding concern for the soul; the present relevance of writing from the past; being in nature at the break of day or longing for summer as winter approaches; and thoughts at the end of a day, either meditating on meaning, anticipating the dawn, or experiencing deep quiet are all in this concert's pieces. Admission is by donation.

Lassus’s music is not much heard even though he is regarded as one of the four most accomplished composers of the late Renaissance. Monteverdi’s has gained many performances in the past forty-plus years, but not his madrigals as much as his larger scale pieces. Brahms and Schubert are known by their many-movement works and solo songs, but not as much by their a cappella choral works. The same is true for Elgar’s music. Marjorie Merryman’s music is played today, and we hope its combination of lyricism and interior strength will give it a future. In spite of winning the Pulitzer Prize in 1974, Donald Martino’s music is rarely played now though this bears no relation to its intrinsic beauty and strength. Although Ben Weber’s music was admired and played in the 1940s and 1950s, only a small number of musicians know it now.

All this music is too beautiful, too expressive and too important to let go.

Please join us as we bring these works to life in Boston.

About Us

The Orpheus Singers is a chamber choir of skilled volunteers and paid professionals of 24–28 singers. We sing two concerts per season with rehearsals twice a week for the three weeks leading up to the concert. Then we go "fallow" until the next concert preparation. We sing concerts of classical repertory from the 15th century to recently composed music, often on the same program, and often a cappella.

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